Review Policy

UPDATE 07.23.2012: I am currently putting review requests acceptance on hold until further notice. I have to trim down the pending review requests I still have. Thank you and have a good day! :)

"Hello there!

I am open to accepting review requests in the following formats:
  • Ebook (Epub format, PDF as alternate if ePub is not available)
  • Paperbacks
  • Hardcovers
  • ARC
I particularly read books belonging to the Young Adult genre and I’m open to almost all the sub-categories under it (i.e. Fantasy, Romance, Historical Fiction, Contemporary, etc.). I do not accept Non-Fiction books such as Autobiographies, Biographies, Memoirs and Self-help books, and books under the Horror genre. I may give exemptions to Non-Fiction books under the Humor sub-category. I’d be happy to accommodate Fiction books for adults, but only under the Fantasy genre.

If the book is part of a series, I will accept it if I’ve either read the first book/s before it or you would provide me the first book/s along with it.

Please do take into consideration that since I am residing in the Philippines, I will prioritize books that are or will be sold here in my country or if not, are sold over the web that can be shipped or provided to the Filipino audience. I always take into account that my reviews are to also give insight about these books to my fellowmen who are getting into the reading habit.

If you’d like to request for a review, you may email me at with the following details:
  • Subject: Review Request for [insert book title]
  • General information of the books such as:
    • Author
    • Publishing Date
    • Publisher
    • Book Cover
    • Summary
    • Genre
  • If you have a particular date of when the review should be posted, please indicate so.
I will reply to your email within 48-72 hours if I accept your request.
Please do remember that as much as I try to be as constructive with writing reviews, they are still based on my personal preferences and should not be taken as the definite basis for judging the book’s entirety.

Please also do consider that even though I accept to review your book does not guarantee a positive feedback, as much as I always try to be an optimistic reader, there are times that a certain book is not the type that I would appreciate. I will remain honest about my opinion.

 If you are interested to have an author interview, I’d be happy to host one provided that you give me sufficient time to read your books first and come up with the questions I’d like to ask.

Also, be rest assured that any book provided for review will not be sold at any rate. I very much appreciate all the books presented to me and I treat them all as wonderful gifts that I will kindly treasure.

Thank you for taking the time to find out my reading inclinations!"