Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Dream-Maker's Magic by Sharon Shinn

The Dream-Maker's Magic
(Safe-Keeper's #3)

by Sharon Shinn

Summary from Goodreads:

"Kellen’s mother has always insisted that her only child was born male, not female—so Kellen has been raised as a boy. At school, she meets Gryffin, whose mind is as strong as his legs are damaged, and the two become friends and allies. A few years later, the two get jobs working at an inn nearby. When it is discovered that Gryffin is the kingdom’s new Dream-Maker—someone whose mere presence can help dreams come true—he is whisked away to the castle, leaving Kellen behind. By now, their friendship is shading into something more. Will it endure?"


This book is a simple tale, with magic and finding love in an unexpected way. At first I found the plot rather strange. I never imagined a mother wanting a son rather than her own daughter then suddenly raising her as a boy. But as the story progressed, it became clear why. 

I can’t quite say that it’s some memorable tale for me. It’s a bit tedious although there are interesting events once in a while but mostly readers will be engulfed in the sorrow of the lives of Kellen and Gryffin then a sprinkle of kindness here and there – and that’s it… 

The Dream-Maker’s Magic has a good lesson for one to ponder but it’s more of a children’s book rather than a YA or maybe I’m just not that into this sort of tales. 

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