Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey

The Fairy Godmother
(Five Hundred Kingdoms #1)
by Mercedes Lackey
Summary from Goodreads:

"The Barnes & Noble Review

Mercedes Lackey's The Fairy Godmother is the debut title in an exciting fantasy line called Luna Books, an imprint dedicated to women and fantasy fiction. A compelling retelling of the Cinderella fairy tale, Lackey's novel blends fantasy and romance -- with enchanting results! 

Elena Klovis was supposed to be her kingdom's Cinderella -- the mistreated stepsister who fatefully falls in love with a prince, marries him, and lives happily ever after -- except that the prince is only a child! When Elena's stepmother and her two wicked stepsisters hastily leave town to escape debtors, she is left alone in the empty house to fend for herself. A 21-year old woman with no education, no money, and no hope of ever marrying a highborn man, Elena has only one option: to try to be hired as a servant. (At least she'll be paid for her hard work!) Then fate intervenes. She is taken on as an apprentice to a fairy godmother and is introduced to a life of magic and supernatural creatures. 

Elena eventually becomes a fairy godmother herself and revels in helping steer people in the right direction. But when she helps three princes (one extremely handsome, by the way!) on a quest, will she let her emotions get in the way of her responsibilities? Readers who enjoy their fantasy mixed with a healthy dose of romance should check out The Fairy Godmother. Who says no one lives happily ever after? Paul Goat Allen"


It’s my first time to read a book by Mercedes Lackey. It’s also my first to read an adult fantasy book. Probably because I found the excerpts of some strangely focused on…well, – to lightly put it – intimacy; which I prefer it to be seen somehow only in a chapter or two. I like fantasy books that engulf in twists in their plot rather than focused on that matter. 

When I picked out “A Fairy Godmother”, I automatically expected a Cinderella story retold; I was even wondering why it seemed way too thick for a Cinderella tale. But boy was I wrong. It was a retelling of Cinderella but not entirely focused on that story. It was a marvellous clash of every other fairy tale ever told. 

I love how Lackey comprised humor and romance in the least expected events of the story, it was quite entertaining. I didn’t expect any battles for this book, thinking that it was Cinderella so I was surprised to find fighting near the end. It was a bit shortly described but providing a bit of action was also amusing. Although I do have to admit, that the story was a bit too long and some parts are a bit slow but in totality, I was pleased with reading this book. I’m excited to read the other books of the Five Hundred Kingdoms.

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