Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kapitan Sino by Bob Ong

Kapitan Sino
by Bob Ong
Summary from Goodreads:


Naunahan na naman ang mga pulis sa pagtugis sa mga holdaper ng isang jewelry shop. Bago noon, may iba na ring nakahuli sa isang carnaper; sumaklolo sa mga taong nasa itaas ng nasusunog na building; nagligtas sa sanggol na hinostage ng ama; tumulong para makatawid sa kalsada ang isnag matanda; tumiklo sa mga miyembro ng Akyat Bahay; sumagip sa mga mag-anak na tinagay ng tubig-baha; nag-landing ng maayos sa isang Boeing 747 na nasiraan ng engine; at nagpasabog s aisang iganteng robot. Pero sino ang taong 'yon? Maliligtas nya ba sila Aling Baby? At ano nga ba talaga ang sabon ng mga artista?"


In English: Captain Who?

I’ve always been curious to see what Bob Ong would be offering his readers, so of course, as soon as I heard about Kapitan Sino, I anticipated its release. 

The waiting was certainly worth it. The first few parts where slow to begin with but as you flip through page after page, things do get interesting; as long as you have the patience to give the book a chance. 

As I closed this book after reading the end of it, I was downhearted. It’s sad. Sad to see how the truth really sucks! The book may’ve been fiction but everything, aside from the super power and monster-fighting thing, was reality! The poverty people experience; the lack of provisions, equipment and manpower for government facilities; the injustice and blame; the lack of proper judgment; the loss of loved ones; the desperation of a parent to do anything to keep his child alive, even if it meant to kill someone for it; the stupid sugarcoating and illusory acts of charity by politicians; the longing for change; everything! It smacks you in the face if you haven’t even realized it, but if you’ve known all along, it turns you unhappy, it did to me at least. Kapitan Sino is a great eye-opener and teaches us a valuable lesson. 

To sum up what I think of this book, it’s very good to read. The writing is very much passable and can be easily understood. Characters are well placed and relatable. It’s respectable and heeds out a very important message. 

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