Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

New Moon
(The Twilight Saga #2)
by Stephenie Meyer

Summary from Goodreads:


For Bella Swan, there is one thing more important than life itself: Edward Cullen. But being in love with a vampire is even more dangerous than Bella could ever have imagined. Edward has already rescued Bella from the clutches of one evil vampire, but now, as their daring relationship threatens all that is near and dear to them, they realize their troubles may be just beginning..."


To be honest, I felt Bella incredibly annoying. But I can’t blame a madly in love teenager who gets heartbroken, can I? 

I didn’t like this book that much because almost more than half of it had Bella sulking over Edward leaving her. I was about to stop reading this and just jump into Eclipse because of all the drama that Bella had going on. But the whole werewolf history and Jacob’s out coming gave me patience to suck up and deal with my irritation towards Bella. I also like the new idea of a sort of vampire government (the Volturi, that is) created by Meyer so that held me in place even more to finish New Moon. 

When I finally finished it, it turns out it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. But I still couldn’t get over my Bella-exasperation. 

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