Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Warrior Princess by Frewin Jones

Warrior Princess
(Warrior Princess #1)
by Frewin Jones
Summary from Goodreads:


Branwen's life is changed for ever when enemy Saxon troops attack her homeland and kill her beloved brother. Branwen's impulse is to avenge his death. Instead, she is sent far away from the action, safe from harm's way. But surrounded by luxury in her new home, Branwen is restless as the soul of a warrior fights to break free. 

Then a mystical woman is white foretells that Branwen will be the one to save her homeland. With no time to lose, Branwen must make a choice: continue in the path her parents intended for her ... or step into the role of a true Warrior Princess."


I’ve always found medieval stories interesting. Also, I’m a bit feministic over book protagonists so Warrior Princess seemed to befit my taste. I was curious to know how it would turn out.

At first, I struggled with how the story was going on. I felt that it was too slow and Branwen seems totally fixated with her grief for her brother; which was somehow too much to be taken as brotherly love. If I didn’t know Geraint was her brother, I would’ve thought he was her lover. It was just too strange a closeness to be between brother and sister, or maybe I’m not accustomed to such deep relationship with siblings.

Another thing I struggled with was the characters’ names; I feel they were a mouthful, or maybe I haven’t been able to read many books with the same naming strategy. With all that in mind, I was hesitant to continue reading. But curiosity is a powerful thing on me so I let it be my strength to continue.

Anyway, Jones’ writing was clear and can be easily understood. Jones has a way of making the setting come alive. The plot on the other hand, was somehow too strained. It took quite a lot of time before it reached the end of its journey, which really made me weary. But when the battle scene took place, I was immediately hanging on to my seat. I just adore the power of warrior women!

Overall, the book was moderately amusing. The ending though left me with a lot of questions that needed answers so I will be reading the next book, Destiny’s Path. 

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