Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tahereh Mafi in Manila!

So this is what happened today:

Tahereh Mafi's Book Signing at National Bookstore, Glorietta 1
Woohoo! This was really exciting for me, because this is the first time I ever went to a book signing, for two specific reasons. One, international authors visiting Manila is quite rare up until recently. Two, whenever there would be a signing, it's either I can't go or I wasn't a fan of the author. So yeah, imagine how much fan-girling I was doing this day.

(Left to Right: Me, Celina and Maria)
Front row seats thanks to Maria @ Bookchilla! Well, make that second row since the first row was reserved. Way to go setting our meet up time, girl! Woohoo! Even though I totally screwed that up for myself, getting lost and having a hard time finding the parking area and all.

And so there we were, waiting along with hundreds of people. Then Tahereh walks in...

We all kind of went crazy when she walked in. Anyway, since I mentioned reserved seats, guess who gets to sit there...

Tahereh Mafi!!! *gasp*
...and Ransom Riggs!!! *faints*
Awesome, yeah? And so the Q&A began...
Host introduces Tahereh to the audience. *Screams and shouts commence*
I love her dress. It flows so beautifully. :)
That portion was so much fun and so full of laughs. But then, we had a special guest joining the stage...

Ransom Riggs comes up on stage. :)
Ransom answers a few questions as well.
And on went the signing. Since I was the idiot who came late (see excuse above), I had to wait for my turn (I was number 109), my friends went on since they were numbers 1, 2 and 3. Here they are waiting for their turn. while I sat at our seats. Boo!

Maria, Celina & Kwesi
I may have been a little late but I got my books signed and photo taken. While she was signing my book, I had quick chat with Tahereh that went like this:

Tahereh Mafi: (reading my name on the post it) Janus! So how are you?
Me: I'm good. (I think I lost all train of thought for a minute there, but I got out a few words eventually).
Me: I love the song you wrote.
Tahereh Mafi: "Adam has a power"?
Me: *laughs* Yes!
Tahereh Mafi: (looks at Ransom) See? She loves it! I'm a rockstar!

Oh, Tahereh! You totally are!
Photo with Ransom Riggs and Tahereh Mafi
The good news about my three Goodreads buddies being first, they got their books signed immediately, the bad news, Ransom hadn't taken his place with Tahereh yet, so when my turn came, they got the chance for a photo. Point, Janus. Haha!

*Sigh* That was fun! Thank you, National Bookstore for this amazing experience. I can't wait to see other YA authors come visit the Philippines.

Le signed books!


  1. It looks like you had an awesome time! I haven't yet read Tahereh's books, but I've been meaning too! :D The event looked amazing! :D

    1. Hi Kyra! yes it was totally amazing! *sigh* I can't wipe the smile off my face from yesterday's experience. Haha!
      Go on and read her books. I really love Shatter Me, and I'm just about to read Unravel Me. Happy reading! :)

  2. OMG you went? I didn't see you! Daaaanggg...

    1. No way! You were there? Well, I can't say I didn't see you, I don't know what you look like. Haha! Too bad we didn't see each other. next time I'm putting a sign on my back: "My name is Janus" Haha!

  3. You weren't kidding last Saturday, when you said you had to blog first, before we started reading Unravel Me..! LOL

    Glad you enjoyed the event. Next time ulet!

    1. Told ya! Haha! Until next time, Maria. I swear by that time I'll be an hour earlier in case I get lost... again! Dammit! :D

  4. OOoohmyygood. If I was in your seat, I would totally lose it. Looks like you really had an awesome time, even if you waited long. Totally worth it, for sure. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go because of classes and I live in Bacolod so I wouldn't have made it in time :( Luckily though, a bloggy friend got my copy signed! Super happy. Would love to meet them in person though. I heard Tahereh is really funny. And Ransom is really tall. And handsome. Don't you think he's handsome? 'Coz I really do. lol! :)

    1. I did have an awesome time! Oh, you're from Bacolod? I was there last September (i think) for work purposes. You know the Planta Hotel? That's were I stayed. *random*

      Anyway, That's so nice of your friend to get a copy signed for you. My GR friend, Maria (see above commenter) did the same for one of our GR friends who is residing in Baguio. We have such great friends, yeah?

      Yup, Ransom's handsome.. and really tall - like, really, REALLY tall. The girls were going ga-ga over him. Haha!

  5. I was literally drooling as I saw all those tweet updates from the bloggers attending the signing that day! It looks (and obviously is) amazing! If I were in your seat I'd probably be daydreaming of glomping Tahereh, xD

    1. I was on the edge of glomping her too. But I know that might get me thrown out of the event so I had to control myself. Hahaha!

  6. Wow! You go girl! I have not yet started reading the series, but I'm planning it. xD

    1. Oh, come on! Start on it now! I order you! LOL. :D

  7. They are just so adorbs. Wished I saw you in the event. I was there hahahaa

  8. Hi. I'm attending an event soon at NBS and I was wanted to know if they were inspecting the books before you enter? Like, the price tag and all? Cause I bought a book from them but I removed the price tag and now I'm kinda worried that wouldn't let the author sign it because they're not sure if I really bought it from them. Respond soon. Thanks.

    1. Hi! Well, they do check your books (price tag, receipt and all that). but I had a friend with me during this event that had the same problem as you, one of our companions just made some excuse so he managed to get his books in without any problems.

      *I'd tell you a sneaky thing I did with one of my books in private. add me on GR if you have one. ;P*


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