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BLOG TOUR + GIVEAWAY: Blossom Among Flowers by Jay E. Tria

 Title: Blossom Among Flowers 
(Blossom Among Flowers #1)
Author: Jay E. Tria
Date of Publication: July 18, 2015

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Being invisible can't be that hard, can it?

Unlike most people, 17-year old Hikaru Saito likes being invisible. Perfectly happy with her nose buried deep in her growing manga collection, she hardly notices how her "harmless hobby" is taking control of her life. But when she fails an important exam, Hikaru is forced to spend more time with her studies and her new tutor, fellow student, campus genius, and golden boy Takeshi Hinata.

Unfortunately for Hikaru, Takeshi's popularity in school forces the spotlight on her too. His adoring fans don't like seeing how much time they spend together and punish her for it. Luckily, Tetsuya Sakuishi, a new young and beautiful teacher, is always there to save the day for Hikaru. It doesn't help that his smile distracts her, however.

Like her tormentors, Hikaru cannot understand why Takeshi keeps showing up in her life long after the tutoring sessions are over. As if the complications of grueling exams and university applications weren't enough, a haughty socialite mother, an imposing business mogul father, and a princess-in-hiding all come bearing down on Hikaru. Through it all, Takeshi is there, looking at Hikaru like she's not invisible after all.


Behind them the wind chimes sang again, and Miss Okari emerged from her office to greet the second customer of the day. Eriko gave Hikaru one last stony glare, then gave in and pulled out the package.

“Thank you!” Hikaru pressed the Boys Over Flowers issue between her palms. “My 214th…”

“214.” Eriko whistled, chin in her hand as she watched Hikaru caress the small rectangle with unbecoming love. “That’s a lot of manga.”

Hikaru looked up and grinned. Eriko Tsukui had been working the Saturday and some afternoon shifts at Miss Okari’s bookstore for the last two months. With her thick waves of black hair, porcelain face, and seat in the prestigious Waseda University, she couldn’t be more out of place in this mecca of comic book geeks.

Comic book enthusiasts, Hikaru corrected her thoughts.

But no one else could draw in more male customers of all ages and manage the counter with intelligent precision like Eriko did. Miss Okari was quick to point this out.

Hikaru had been trying to explain her hobby to Eriko since their first meeting at the counter: the vivid images from the drawings, that satisfying crunch of the binding as you cracked a manga open for the first time, the distinct tree-and-ink smell on the pages…

It may be embarrassing to some (her brother), wasteful to others (her mother), and unfathomable to the rest (her father), but to Eriko, Hikaru’s hobby was fascinating, and at that moment she announced that they were going to be great friends.

Hikaru just nodded then, thinking Eriko was her senior and was too tall and beautiful to be friends with a pale shrimp like her.

“I can’t wait to read it,” Hikaru murmured, poking a finger through the wrapping.

“Don’t you have exams on Monday?” Eriko asked as she rang up the purchase.

“I’m studying for that, too.”

Eriko’s perfect eyebrow arched up, recognizing the promise as an afterthought.

* * * * *



My name is Jay E. Tria, and I think writing about myself in the third person is weird. So I won’t do it here.

I am an author of contemporary Young Adult and New Adult love stories about characters that live inside my head, about people I’ve met and people I wish to meet. By putting them out in books, I’m letting you know them too. So I do hope you like them.

Blossom Among Flowers, a Young Adult novel is my first book, available in your favorite e-retailers :) My second book Songs of Our Breakup, a New Adult romance, is out now too:)

I am a blogger. I blog about most things I like, and I like many things, which would explain the many, varied categories you would find here.

I am a daydreamer, a reader, and a lover of T-shirts, skinny jeans, and adopted cats. I am not a cool kid.



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