Friday, May 27, 2016

NOTICE: Blog Rebranding

Hello, lovely book buddies!

I've been blogging for over 5 years now and have yet to establish an identity that I want to retain. I've been very bad at names - remembering, creating and otherwise - and I picked the name of my blog, "The Blair Book Project," out on a whim. I also had to struggle with trying to find variety and uniformity in my blog banners and designs I include in blog posts here. But now, I do believe I have found a name that speaks out who I am, and therefore will be using it starting next month.

What's that you may ask?


JV the Erudite Artist
Book Blog
This was initially thought of as the brand name for my design website that I'll be launching in a few weeks as well and it feels right to make my design site [which will also contain my design blog] and my book blog cohesive.

I'll also be redesigning the items on this blog. But don't worry, it will remain as a blog that caters to everything bookish.

Blog posts may be a little scarce in the coming days (there will be few ones, now and then) but I'm very excited to show you guys what will be in store for the blog after rebranding.

Have a good day and happy reading!

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