Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Dark Divine by Bree Despain

The Dark Divine
(The Dark Divine #1)
by Bree Despain
Summary from Goodreads:

"A Prodigal Son 

A Dangerous Love

A Deadly Secret

Grace Divine—daughter of the local pastor—always knew something terrible happened the night Daniel Kalbi disappeared and her brother Jude came home covered in his own blood. 

Now that Daniel's returned, Grace must choose between her growing attraction to him and her loyalty to her brother. 

As Grace gets closer to Daniel, she learns the truth about that mysterious night and how to save the ones she loves, but it might cost her the one thing she cherishes
most: her soul.


Finally! I got to finish the Dark Divine. Yehey! I can move on to my next to-read book. But wait! I need to write my review while the story is still fresh on my brain.

I turn on my computer and open Microsoft Word. I rested my hands on my keyboard and looked at the blinking cursor and then… nothing.
I had a staring contest with my iMac for several minutes before I got my fingers moving. I couldn’t come up with anything to say about it. I could only think of three things about it:
- There were werewolves.
- It’s a paranormal romance.
- It was okay…
… and then I go blank.
Why is my brain dried out all of a sudden?

So, as you can see, I ended up typing in what I started with. 

I see that Despain had put a lot of thought in creating the mythology of her tale. I like that she gave religion and faith a part in an idea that uncommonly included such. However, I got anxious with all the suspense and repetitive narrations of what Grace wanted to know, what she felt, where did Daniel go, why he disappeared, why’d he come back. The same thoughts she had in one chapter came back up in another. I got a bit annoyed. 

The characters were okay. Grace being a pastor’s daughter and all the righteousness she was bounded to was interesting though, Jude was confusing for me before I got to the climax but I can fathom the necessity of his personality. Daniel could’ve been a good character but there was a part of him that reminded me of Sam from Shiver, emo and whinny. 

I was surprised with the ending though, I didn’t expect the twist in it. It was nice to have some action inserted even if it was at right about the end already. The book shows a lot of potential but I guess the whole waiting of how it would end was much too long a waiting so that messed up my mind with how I’d picture the book’s totality and ended up with being blank and thinking it indistinctive.

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