Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Faerie Path by Frewin Jones

The Faerie Path
(Faerie Path #1)
by Frewin Jones

Summary from Goodreads:

"Swept away into a court of magic and beauty, she discovers she is Tania, the lost princess of Faerie. Since Tania's mysterious disappearance five hundred years before, Faerie has been sunk in darkness and gloom. With her return, Faerie comes alive again as a land of winged children, glittering balls, and fantastic delights. But Tania can't forget Anita's world, or the boy she loved there.

Torn between two loves and between two worlds, Tania slowly remembers why she disappeared, and realizes that she is the only one who can stop a sinister plan that threatens the entire world of Faerie."


I enjoyed reading this book. It’s not the super-ultra lovable story that appeals me more, but I liked how the Faerie Path turned out. It’s simple and a bit of the classic girly fairy tale. 

At first I thought it was awfully slow. It was excruciating to wait for the whole thing to fall into climax. But then I realized that this first installment was about Anita/Tania discovering herself as the long-lost princess of Faerie; and her return would of course involve her knowing how her life was back before she disappeared into the Mortal World. Yes, that would indeed involve the boring everyday “fun” of a princess in a palace doing stuff like strolling the gardens, bonding with her sisters, playing with animals, singing songs and all that claptrap. 

There are a lot of things left hollow though, I feel the characters don’t have that sheer ability to stand out or even just be notable enough. I also question the part where her father, the King of Faerie suddenly thought of going back to business just after two days of Anita/Tania returning to Faerie, hasn’t he thought of spending more time with the daughter you yearned for 500 years? 

Well anyway, it’s just a quick read. It’s not disappointing for me but i clearly saw through the simplicity and starkness of the tale.

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