Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Have Baby, Will Date by Andrea Pasion

Have Baby, Will Date
by Andrea Pasion
Summary from Goodreads:

"From the shopping list of Denise, 28, freelance pro photographer/new mommy: 

1. Film for stock (you never know when digital will backfire) 
2. Garbage bags XXL (for all those plastic kubyertos and takeout boxes for one) 
3. Pills (last time you forgot them, well...) 
4. Condoms (you can't be too sure - just in case he doesn't have any) 
5. Calcium supplements (among other vitamins OB-Gyne prescribed) 
6. Stretchy tops (didn't realize your tummy could balloon so much) 
7. Maternity pants (never ever succumb to tent-like dresses) 
8. Disposable diapers (lots and lots of them) 
9. Breast pump (no, it's not a foreplay trick) 
10. Infant formula (but breast milk is still best for babies) 
11. Coke in cans (for your babysitter who makes more money than you, by the way) 
12. Lipstick (the really nice, luxe kind, to make you feel better because it's not going to be over soon - it's only the beginning) 

For on-the-go shutterbabe Denise. one night of fun quickly turns into a life extraordinary as she assumes a new title: Mommy. Er, make that: Single Mommy. With a demanding career, a brand new baby girl, and very little breast milk, she needs all the help she can get, including that from Coby: Father of the Child. No one said motherhood was easy but single motherhood sure raises the bar!"

Quite a darling novel. It goes to show how amazing a child can change anyone’s life. 

When I first read the excerpt of this book, I thought it would showcase Denise, struggling as a single mother. The kind where she skirmishes over finding how to deal with bills to pay, working late, keeping her baby well taken cared off – something like that. But it turns out to revolve more on her love life, which particularly involved her trying to go out there and date guys, and the growing connection between her and Coby, the father of her child. If you ask me, the third party (the other guy she went out with, forgot his name) didn’t stand a chance since it was obvious that the author herself seemed to rooting for Coby. Not that I didn’t like him but it was somehow too expected. Not to mention the fact that there wasn’t anything much to call as a spin-off or rivalry or whatever. Still it was cute and I laughed at the funny scenes. Simple yet enjoyable. 

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