Monday, October 17, 2011

Shadow Days: A Nightshade Novella by Andrea Cremer

Shadow Days: A Nightshade Novella
(Nightshade Prequel)

Shadow Days is a short story on Shay’s point of view. This novella was about what happened to Shay before he met Calla. There wasn’t really anything much into it that you won’t know if or when you read Nightshade, well specifically on the idea of the creepiness of Bosque’s house anyway.  So I don’t really have anything else to say about it.

I’ve read both Nightshade and Wolfsbane, and now that I’ve read this I’m still on neutral territory over the whole Shay-Calla-Ren relationship.

Shadow Days really hasn’t anything special to it for me. I would like to see a novella with Ren’s perspective though, and I’m still really eager to read Bloodrose.


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  1. I hope you read it soon. Bloodrose was an amazing book. :)


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