Monday, October 17, 2011

The Sleeping Beauty by Mercedes Lackey

The Sleeping Beauty
(Five Hundred Kingdoms #5)
by Mercedes Lackey

Summary from Goodreads:

"Like any other princess, Rosamund just wants to believe in fairytales. Unfortunately, those velvety dreams dissolve in smoke when poor Rosa is chased by savage hunters and then unceremoniously held by some very impolite dwarves. At this point, our frantic princess takes an extreme measure: She agrees to submit to an incantation from, you guessed it, her stepmother, which brings her, first, sleep, and then a very touchy-feely stranger. What is a young girl to do?"


A Sleeping Beauty tale with not much sleeping in it!

Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed this book.

For those who vaguely know about the Five Hundred Kingdoms series by Mercedes Lackey, most of the time the characters from each book try their best to outsmart The Tradition, a very powerful but unconscious force that entails kingdoms to have fairy tale happenings.

Lackey’s books tend to be very descriptive and state the “this and that” of some events, which can be annoying sometimes, but I find it bearable this time. It’s not very eventful at first but the progress of the book had a very nice flow to it. I also like how witty this book turned out to be. It wasn’t outright laugh-your-head-off, but definitely entertaining. I love that it had a nip of action in it too.

Although I do find that the love interest between Siegfried and Rosa kind of obvious and Leopold being in the picture wasn’t much of a rival of sort.

I’m sorry for being too ambiguous over the details but if I start going over what I’m talking about specifically then I’ll just be spoiling the whole story, because despite the 400 pages of the book, it’s actually a quick story. It’s an easy book to read and a good break from all the dark tales I’ve been reading and I appreciate the happily ever after feel and ending of Sleeping Beauty.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next book. 

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