Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bare Book Project

I'm looking at my book shelf right now and admire how much my book collection has grown. I feel a little sad that I don't give those that I've finished any attention anymore. So I'll be posting a Bare Book Project entry every Friday to commemorate my lovelies!

So what's it about?

The Bare Book Project simply gives attention to the books I've already read and are now just sitting on my shelf for a long time, showing that they are treasured and not forgotten. I can't reread them at any point right now so this would be my way of showing how much I appreciate them. ^_^

What's in it?

Basically I take a photo of a book sitting around for a while now (probably for a year or so) then provide short, simple, significant information about it, like: what is the title, name of the author, is it part of a series or stand-alone, do I own a paperback or hardcover, etc.

And like I said I'm giving it a personal touch, so some information would be: where I bought it, when I bought it (probably the year of acquisition if I haven't recorded the exact date), my rating, what challenge is it part of, a sentence or two of what I think about the book, and a quote that stood out the most for me.

I guess that explains the title Bare Book, "barely baring a book". Does that make sense?

Well to be more precise here's a sample of what I'll be posting:

So that's that. Join me if you'd like and let's give our lovelies some love. ^_^

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