Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2012 Sophomore Reading Challenge

2012 Sophomore Reading Challenge
hosted by Chick Loves Lit

2011 has been a blissful year of reading. This is the year that got me incredibly hooked to books and I love the fact that I'm almost done with my 2011 Goodreads Reading Challenge. With that it mind, I'm eager to participate in other challenges for 2012 so I'm really excited about SRC.

The books that count for SRC are any second Young Adult or Middle Grade book published by an author in 2012. It could be the second in a series, a new series, or a standalone; just as long as it is the SECOND book by the author published on the said genre.

So here's my partial list of the moment:

I've included some short description about the books but the images all linked to Goodreads for further information. Click on the image to know more about them.


  1. I'm looking forward to many of these too, Insurgent especially followed closely by Pandemonium and A Million Suns :)

  2. I keep seeing pandemonium on lists, but wouldn't this be her 3rd book?

    1. If I fall
    2. Delirium
    3. Pandemonium

    1. Hi, LisalLJ. Pandemonium is the 2nd book of the Delirium series, the third book is titled Requiem. I think your referring to Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall, which is a stand-alone book and not part of the series. Hope that helps. ^_^


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