Monday, April 2, 2012

Ramblings #6: Guilty As Charged and Now Serving Time

-This is a non-book related post-

Forgive me book bloggers, readers, authors and all other bibliophiles, for I have done something terribly wrong that I feel might be deemed unforgivable... okay, just exaggerating *devious grin*... but I have done something that I berate myself of, and so I here confess my fault... I HAVE NOT READ A SINGLE BOOK FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK. *gasp* There! I said it.

Alright, I’ll stop with the drama now. LOL.

Well, as you’ve noticed the Blair Book Project has gone on hiatus for over a week. And I’m so sorry for that. I have perfectly good excuses for it, I swear.

For one, I got sick. Even though I’ve been going to work, I would drop dead on my bed as soon as I got home after, hence not getting to read any of my pending books and no posts of any sort on my blog. Second, it was a busy week of work, as it always is. But since I was not feeling very well, it was hard to focus and it took me more time to finish up my tasks than usual.

And my most important reason of all for going AWOL is that... MY DOG JUST GAVE BIRTH!!! *happy dance*

Let me do a little recap of the experience:

I took our family dog, Miley (I swear I didn’t name her, my sister did... and the name just grew on me eventually), to the vet two weeks ago for her ultrasound schedule. I was so happy to see two cute little critters moving in her tummy. But when the vet started telling me what to do when she gave birth, from signs of labor to the birthing process, I went stiff. I didn’t think I would be able to handle it. I was even willing to take her to the clinic when the time came and just have professionals do it because I was really, really scared! To think I knew how pricey it would cost. 

Miley during her ultrasound schedule *
 So anyway, even though that was the plan, I still did my research. Just in case. I read through articles on the net and watched a few videos (thank God for youtube and the internet! I will never again take you for granted).  

Then the time arrived. Our cars were unavailable for transport, and the vets from the nearest animal clinic were booked for the day and are unavailable for home service, it was up to us to help with the whelping. When Miley started getting restless and all that, I grew more and more nervous by the minute. She was in labor for about 9 hours.  When the first puppy finally started coming out, Miley yelped in pain! I never heard her sound that hurt before ever since she came into the family, so I was crying and shaking and just totally FREAKING OUT! I had to assist her with the birth sac (whatever that’s called) and I waited for her to bite on the umbilical cord, but when she didn’t, my mom (who had earlier phoned the vet for other instructions) told me I had to do the cutting. I wanted to faint! Summing up all the strength I had, I followed the vet’s instructions and cut the cord. I did the same procedures with the second puppy, which came out an hour and a half later by the way, but fortunately I was calmer by then and Miley was more relaxed. Thankfully we got through the day; Miley’s doing fine and the puppies are healthily born.

The puppies (both girls), Hungry[the dark brown one] and Sleepy[the brownish black with white on her neck] (we haven't decided on their names yet, for now that's what we call them), being fed by their mommy. *

*Exhale heavy sigh* Wooh! What an experience.  I wanted to be strong for my dog but since I was completely new to all of this I was absolutely terrified! Miley had to do a few licking and sniffing on me like she was the one consoling me even though that was supposed to be my job. My mom was laughing her head off with how I reacted. Believe me if there was a video, I’d burn the camera after (no, not just the memory card, the camera has to go too).

Well there you have it. Again, I am so sorry for my absence. I’ll be posting new updates for the Blair Book Project in a few days, along with hopefully new banner design and a new layout. And since I am accountable of not reading any books last week, I will be serving time with my TBR pile and finally trim them down. Until then, happy reading! 

Note: Sorry for the grainy and grungy photos. I didn't have time to grab my digicam so I settled with my phone camera. 


  1. same here! i'm so busy at school these past few weeks and haven't read since. and trust me, i find it unforgivable, too! :)

  2. These activities are such hindrance to reading! LOL.


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