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Prophet by Jennifer Bosworth [SHORT REVIEW]

Prophet (Struck #0.5)
by Jennifer Bosworth
Summary from Goodreads:

"Some men are born monsters . . . others are made so.  In “Prophet,” Rance Ridley, the teenage son of a cult leader, lives on an isolated compound, disconnected from modern civilization. There is no running water. No electricity. And no law but the Prophet’s. When Rance is caught in an act of flagrant disobedience, his father delivers the ultimate punishment, and Rance is set on a course that will change everything.  ‘Prophet’ is a disturbing glimpse into the past of the villain of Jennifer Bosworth’s debut novel, Struck."


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I struggled with reading Struck by Jennifer Bosworth, so I thought maybe reading Prophet after was a good idea to help me appreciate it more. These were the moments when I thought I just didn’t get the whole thought behind the story of Struck. Seeing Prophet, I thought to myself: “Hey! Maybe this’ll help me get to know Rance Ridley and why he’s so villain-ish (Not a word, I know. I tried using ‘evil’ but he doesn’t fit the word exactly).”

Anyway, so I read through Prophet. I couldn’t help but notice that Rance too had the same “insta-love” occurrence as Jeremy and Mia had in Struck... and I still can’t get the idea of the romance. Bummer! Is it just me or is there really something off about how it all happened?

Now trying to be as optimistic as I can, I let it go; maybe I’ll see where all his bitterness came from because of that puppy-love thing he had. Sadly after more or less 30 pages, the story ended with him getting struck by lighting and onto his condition of having cataracts and presented with a ‘gift’. Now where the heck was the “getting to know Rance Ridley” part? I get that he lost someone dearly, but it really didn’t help me understand Rance Ridley.

It’s hard to feel any empathy towards characters when you really don’t get to know anything them in a deeper sense. I know this is just a prequel and it was expected to be a little vague and short on details... but perhaps this has gone a little overboard with its ambiguity.

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