Monday, August 5, 2013

Kiera Cass in Manila

Pardon the late posting. This happened last Saturday, August 3, 2013.

Kiera Cass's book signing!
I met up with Maria @ Reading is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac at ten in the morning. I was really surprised to be at the mall that early, but since the registration was supposedly to start at that time we thought we'd get a head start so we could come home earlier. Imagine my surprise when Maria sent me a text telling me that there's already a line forming exactly when the mall opened! Damn! Barely an hour has passed since the registration opened and we were already queue numbers 113 and 114. I didn't realize Kiera's had that much of an impact here in the Philippines!

Since it was rather early, we decided to head for lunch and some coffee while waiting for the event to start. And here's what we came back to:

BOOM! The place was crowded!
We were then joined by Eunice @ Book Overdose, and we chatted amongst ourselves while waiting for Kiera to make her appearance.

Q&A with Kiera Cass
When she finally appeared... well the crowd really went wild! I don't know whether to feel proud or slightly embarrassed over the enthusiasm all the fan-girls went about screaming. ^_^

To be honest, I was exhausted over this event, it was a long day. Hence the late post, I guess. And it was a little disorienting. I guess since the screaming fans were tween girls, I don't share the same energy as they do anymore? LOL. Well, at least I got my books signed and a photo with Kiera Cass at the end of the day.


  1. Great recap, Janus! Even though I didn't buy the books it was definitely quite tiring and there were indeed lots of tweens in there. Haha. I suddenly felt like I shouldn't be there and that I was too old for that! Lol. :D

    1. Oh my, I feel the same way. LOL. I feel so old! ^_^

  2. Great post! I wish we'd seen each other. :-(


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