Thursday, July 4, 2013

Upcoming Mid-2013 Book Events in Manila!

Hello there! It's the 4th of July! So while the US is celebrating Independence Day, here in the Philippines we are celebrating Phil-American Friendship Day! Warm greetings to all! :D

Now, you see that title above? Each year I grow even more obsessed with books, so yeah, I for one love to attend book events. So here are some of the events I will, hopefully, get to attend:


First up this 3rd of August, Kiera Cass will be in Manila. I want my books signed of course. Who doesn't love signed books, right?

You can check NBS FAQs here and Kiera's here.
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Up next this September 11-15 is the Manila 34th Manila International Book Fair!

Everything you need to know about MIBF is available on their website.
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Further this year on the 9th of November is the 3rd Filipino ReaderCon.

There are no other details except the date as of now. Check here from time to time for any updates. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter too.

So, are you going to any of these events? Are there any other events besides these that you are eager to attend?

Have a good day! ^_^


  1. I might be able to attend Kiera Cass' signing event on August 4 since Cebu is closer to Bacolod. Not sure, though :( I have a 7.30am class the following day and I have no idea if I can make it back in time. But I really want to go. It will be my first author event.

    And MIBF!!! I really really really want to go. So bad it hurts. LOL. If only I don't live so far away. Wouldn't matter if it's a school day. haha.

    1. Aww... well, I hope you get to go to Kiera's Cebu signing. I still remember the first signing I went to this year, i feel like a little kid with all the excitement I was feeling. LOL.

      So sorry about MIBF. There's one every year so maybe some time in the future? :D


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