Monday, January 20, 2014

Gayle Forman in Manila!

Event: Gayle Forman Book Signing Event
Event Date: January 18, 2014
Location: National Bookstore, Glorietta 1

What a day!

To be honest, I'm not a fan (yet) of Ms. Gayle Forman. I haven't read any of her books prior to the event, but I have been seeing reviews of my Goodreads friends and I've seen them gush over how much they love her books and how badly they cried over their favorites. And since I saw the stills of If I Stay movie-adaptation, I decided to brave the event. 

(L-R) Me, Karla @ Reads and Thoughts and Eunice @ Book Overdose
*Above photos courtesy of Eunice @ Book Overdose

I've been to two book signings last year and I swore that the next one I'd be attending I'd be really early during registration. So... tada!!! I was number 5, baby! Yes, that's a great achievement for me considering I'm always late and I tend to belong to the number 100+ registrants. Also, since I was early, I scored us sweet seats near the stage. Woohoo! (To much excitement for someone who hasn't read the books yet, huh?)

While we waited for Gayle to make her appearance, I thought this was one mellow kind of event. You know, since the last signing I went to (Kiera Cass in Manila) was an exhausting one and although there were a lot of people, it wasn't as crazy during registration as it had been before. I felt this would be more relaxed... or so I thought.

As soon as Gayle walked in... the crowd went wild! And as she went all crazy and energetic, so did the rest of us! She sure does know how to work up a crowd. LOL.

And so on the event went: to book discussions, movie news and a short Q&A.

Then we go to the book signing. Yahoo! (I really love signed books). I also got Maria @ Reading is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac's books signed since she couldn't attend. Too bad, girl. You missed one helluva signing. :)

Gayle Forman signing my books. ^___^
I'm really happy that I got to attend this event. It was fun and I already started reading If I Stay right after. ^_^

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